Why is there usually a little algae in the aquarium

In the fish tank, it is often necessary to leave a few stalks of seaweed in order to decorate the vase more full of vitality and vitality. In fact, aquatic algae (water algae) not only have a beauty effect. Hydroalgae under the radiation of sunlight, chlorophyll in the green leaves takes advantage of sunlight energy, water and carbon dioxide. absorbed to make an organic material, and at the same time, release oxygen, greatly improving the living environment of goldfish.

If you pay close attention, you will find that there are air bubbles in the fish tank, that is the algae that is working its function. The natural environment that aquatic algae provides helps goldfish absorb more oxygen and have stronger vitality.

Some plants are suitable for growing in aquariums

Giải thích: Vì sao trong bể cá thường có một ít rong?

Pearl is the most popular foreground aquatic plant today, preferred by aquarists because of its easy adaptability, fast growth, and no fussy background. Pearl is an easy-to-grow aquatic plant that spreads quickly, is easy to live, and doesn’t need too much care. Beautiful green color, when the overflow of the aquarium creates a green space for the aquarium to become fresh.

Fried burdock is an aquatic plant favored by its wild beauty. When there is high light and adequate nutrition, fried burdock will grow very quickly. The saplings are connected to each other and form a lawn.

Fishbone aquatic plants are a beautiful plant with foliage arranged in the shape of herringbone, they also tend to grow straight like the Arhat Rong plant, but in terms of form, the Cabone plant is somewhat more beautiful. And this is also an aquatic plant that does not need soil and co2 gas, they are very easy to live, just need good light conditions and a little cool temperature to be able to grow.

Dogtail plants are often planted in the background by aquarists. They grow very quickly and form clusters, so this plant contributes to making the aquarium more natural and beautiful like a mini forest on the bottom of the tank.

Thuy Cuc is a very easy plant to grow in an aquarium. It grows well in high light conditions and rich in nutrients. If Co2 is added, the plant will produce very beautiful green leaves and blooms. With a fairly high growth rate and good nutrient absorption, Thuy Cuc is also an excellent candidate for over-nourished aquariums.

Ferns are often used in aquariums to decorate driftwood and rocky areas. Unlike most other aquatic plants that can be planted directly in the ground. The fern is an aquatic plant that does not require the use of soil.


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