Why do mosquitoes often disappear in winter

The flies that live in different regions overwinter in different ways. In the cold north, most flies spend the winter as pupae, but in the cooler south, some flies overwinter as adult larvae.

During winter, adult fly larvae often perch in sheltered places with sunlight such as under eaves, crevices, animal sheds, latrines… they do not fly and do not eat or drink. But they do not die because before winter they have stored nutrients in the form of body fat. This layer of fat is gradually used by the fly’s body until the warm spring when they fly off to work normally.

Giải thích: Vì sao muỗi thường mất tích vào mùa đông?

Mosquitoes also have many species, each with a different way of wintering. There are species that survive in the winter as eggs and hatch into larvae in spring. There are species that live through the winter by hiding in sheltered places such as corners of houses, under beds, in tree hollows, etc., and fly out in the spring to lay eggs. There are also mosquitoes that live through the winter in the form of larvae, which can live on the bottom of a frozen lake, wait until spring to develop and molt into mosquitoes.

How to get rid of mosquitoes

Using creatures: raising fish or eels to eat bugs, raising lizards, dragonflies to catch mosquitoes. In addition, Mesocyclops can be used to kill larvae

Environmental improvement: Dredging drains, puddles, clearing bushes, using closed domestic water tanks or cleaning houses.

Electric Trap: Use mosquito trap lights or electric rackets….

Use chemicals: Use mosquito repellant sprays or scents. However, using chemicals is the last resort you should use because it still leaves a harmful effect on humans.


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