Why do goldfish catch bugs

Usually, to clean the water and kill harmful organisms such as bugs, people release goldfish into farming. That’s because bugs are the favorite food of goldfish. Although the bugs are harmful to humans, they are a good source of protein for the health of goldfish. Without goldfish, bugs will develop into mosquitoes, feed on blood and transmit diseases to humans and other animals.

How to choose the best ornamental goldfish

Giải thích: Vì sao cá vàng bắt bọ ngậy?

When choosing baby goldfish, you should pay attention to choose those that swim in groups, hunt for food near the bottom floor, have beautiful colors, do not hurt fish fins, healthy fish body, good maturity, specific strains clear type, avoid choosing goldfish that swim away from the school. When observing goldfish in the tank, you can separate the goldfish from the foraging school to other containers to conduct observations, thereby selecting healthy fish with qualities such as a straight tail, a straight body and a straight body. short, and large, fins large and long but not injured, head large and regular, left eye and right eye uniform, parts position clearly visible.

Mistakes to avoid when raising goldfish

Bought a tank too small

Raising too many fish for the tank capacity

Not equipped with filter, oxygen machine

Feeding the fish too much

Do not change the water regularly

Not enough lighting for goldfish tank

Breeding many other types of fish

Buy poor quality goldfish.

Do not isolate newly arrived fish


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