Why do carp like to jump out of the water

Why do carp like to jump out of the water?

According to observations and research, scientists found that carp jumping to the surface has the following reasons:

The first is caused by changes in the aquatic environment. When a carp usually lives in the water, suddenly it is suddenly attacked by an enemy, it wants to escape in time, it must jump to the surface of the water to fascinate the enemy.

The second reason is that on the way forward, suddenly the carp detects an obstacle. In order to quickly overcome the obstacle, it immediately jumped on the water to continue ahead?

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The third cause is physiological change. For example, some female carp, when it comes to laying eggs, inside her body can produce neuro-stimulating hormones, causing the fish to fall into a state of excitement, but it jumps out of the face. country.

The fourth cause is climate change on the water. The fourth reason is climate change on the water surface, when the wind is about to blow or it is about to rain, the pressure on the water is very low, in the water can produce oxygen deficiency, the carp need to jump. come out of the water to breathe oxygen, so there is a phenomenon of carp jumping out of the water.

Why does Ong Tao ride a carp to heaven?

Explaining the reason as well as the meaning of releasing the carp, Mr. Nguyen Cung Ha Deputy Head of the Psychology Department of the Institute for Research and Application of Human Potential; Deputy director of the Center for Research and Applied Culture of East Asia said: “The families that release carp on December 23 are based on the legend of carp crossing the dance floor and turning into a dragon. Of all the species living under Only carp in water can cross the dance floor to the sky and turn into a dragon.”

“It is said that when a carp wants to become a dragon, he must pass three exams. Each of these exams is to get a little closer to the sky, to go through high rapids. The first lesson is to flick his tail over a waterfall. high, dangerous, when the carp flips over, the tail changes and becomes stronger.In the second lesson, the wind and rain rumbled more violently, but the carp still passed. At this time, half of the carp was transforms into a dragon. After passing the 3rd test, the whole carp transforms into a dragon.”

Talking more with PV, Mr. Nguyen Hao Hung, former Researcher of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, said that carp cannot be replaced by any other animal in the world. On the day of worshiping Mr. Cong Ong Tao: “Carp is the only irreplaceable means of transport for Tao Quan to return to heaven. Therefore, carp cannot be replaced with another animal. In addition, carp has become the symbol of God. Culture: The fish turns into a dragon (turns into a dragon), the fish crosses the dance gate (honoring academic success), showing the compassion of the Vietnamese (liberating animals) so beautiful that it’s hard to replace.

Therefore, according to folk beliefs, carp must be released before the noon hour (12 noon on December 23) to be able to reach heaven. Many families often choose rivers, streams, and lakes near their homes to release fish.


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