Why do buffaloes like to soak in water

The ancestors of buffalo are tropical and subtropical. In these regions, the air temperature is very high, summer can reach below 39oC, while buffalo skin is very thick, sweat glands do not develop.

Because sweat cannot escape, buffalo cannot use this method to cool down the body, but must rely on the environment. Since then, they have formed a habit of liking water, so when the summer air exceeds 300C, especially after plowing the field, the body temperature rises, the heat is uncomfortable, the buffalo has to soak in the water.

On the other hand, in the summer there are many flies and mosquitoes, and buffaloes are soaked in water to avoid their disturbance.

Giải thích: Vì sao trâu thích dầm nước?

The phenomenon of buffalo always chewing even though there is no food in the mouth is a special digestive phenomenon in cattle and it is called ruminant. Unlike other animals, in cattle there are 4 stomachs and they are differentiated according to function as rumen, honeycomb, leaf and book.

The distinction between these types of stomachs is because they have different functions, the food that the cattle eat is not chewed well, but moves from the rumen to the honeycomb, through the fermentation process the food comes back up. mouth and after being chewed and chewed many times, it is taken down to the 3rd stomach – the lamina, and finally down to the book to be absorbed. This is the reason why cattle always chew when they are not eating grass.

In addition to cattle, there are some animals such as goats, deer, deer, camels that also have ruminant phenomenon. The reason these animals also ruminate is that habits are inherited in their evolution; Doing so will make them eat more, or when there is a lack of food, they will chew it again gradually. Thus, they both ensure safety and fully meet the nutritional needs of the body.

Why is the buffalo the head of the farmer’s business?

The proverb “The buffalo is the head of the fortune” is often understood as the closest and most important buffalo to the farmer’s life. Understanding like that is not clear the meaning of folk. In Dia Chi, corresponding to the 12 zodiac signs, the Ox means “with good conditions”, corresponding to the Buffalo.

The proverb is related to the law of Taiyi (mutual development) and the Law of Cause and Effect (destiny and karma). Create good conditions, seize opportunities, good karma gives birth, Co Karma takes shape. The proverb talks about the importance of creating and keeping predestined in career orientation and building a business. With that in mind, we can understand why “buying buffalo” is placed before “getting married” and “making a house”, when arranging important jobs in a man’s life.


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