Who is Fujiko f fujio

Fujiko fujio is the joint pseudonym of two Japanese manga artists. The real names of these two artists are Fujimoto Hiroshi and Abiko Motoo, respectively. Both use the stage name Fujiko fujio throughout their manga creation. Until 1987, they parted ways to create individual music.

Biography of Fujiko F. Fujio

Đồng tác giả Doraemon qua đời ở tuổi 88 - Khoa học và đời sống

Fujiko.F. Fujio’s real name is Fujimoto Hiroshi (藤本弘). Before detaching isolated activity. He and his colleague Motoyu Abiko (安孫子素雄) formed a group and adopted the common pseudonym Fujiko Fujio (藤子不二雄). Doraemon work is also the result of this duo. Doraemon first debuted in December 1969 after the collaboration with Mangaka Akibo. However, in 1987, they stopped working together, because Akibo’s manga was mainly aimed at young people, and Fujimoto Hiroshi wanted to target children.

Hiroshi Fujimoto has shown his talent for drawing since he was a child when he was only 5th grade, he drew his own characters according to his observations and imagination. In high school, he started drawing manga for Japanese publishers. In 1954, after being unable to continue working at a food factory, Fujiko F. Fujio decided to go to Tokyo to become a professional painter. manga.

In 1996 Fujiko F. Fujio died at the age of 63 due to liver failure. However, he has established many Doraemon foundations around the world for children. It can be said that Doraemon is his most successful work, the classic becomes one of the leading cultural icons of Japan.

In Japan, on September 3, 2011, the mechanical cat Doremon’s birthday, started construction of the Fujio F. Fujio Museum in Tama district, Kawasaki city (a suburb of Tokyo) with a campus of 3,700 m2. This place will recreate familiar spaces, objects and characters in the famous robot cat story, along with displaying 50,000 original paintings by Fujimoto Hiroshi.


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