What is the use of snails

Snails (or ghost snails) appear a lot in moist lands, live on land. This type of Snail often eats green trees and vegetables at night. During the day, it often hides in bushes, shade, rock holes or underground. Let’s take a look at the following article to know more details about snails and the dangers they can cause!

Characteristics of the Snail

The lifespan of snails depends on the species and the environment in which they live. Some species live only 5 years but some can live up to 25 years, most of them live on land and are not poisonous.

The slime helps snails move faster by reducing friction, often moving along the path of slime that other snails secrete. Snails are almost blind and they have no hearing but their sense of smell is very developed, they can smell food from a few meters away.

What is the effect of snails?

In terms of medicine, this snail has been used by traditional medicine pharmacies with its salty taste, has many benefits in nourishing, clearing heat, detoxification, diuretic and antispasmodic.

According to some documents of the Great Dictionary of Chinese Medicine, snails have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, used to treat common diseases such as simple heat and cold, thirst, sore throat, poisonous boils, etc. ulcerative hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, wounds caused by insects.

Dangers of using Snail as food

Realizing the economic potential of this snail, over the years, many people have quietly raised them to get their slime to sell to those who want to make food, make skin cream, make medicine…

The new story seems to be a rumor, but it is actually going on smoldering and showing signs of exploding. This opens up an incalculable danger to not only human health and life but also endangers the ecological environment…

Dùng ốc sên chữa trĩ như thế nào ? Có hiệu quả không?

The Food Safety Authority has just issued a warning to people warning of the risk of disease caused by using natural snails for food. Parasites in them, when entering the human body, often attack the brain, causing diseases in the central nervous system, causing mental disorders, meningitis, brain bleeding, etc.

Harmful effects of eating snails

Absolutely do not use Snail to eat raw, rare, undercooked or cooked whole without being preliminarily processed with salt or disinfectants. Please keep clean for natural snails and clams. It is necessary to clean the environment, kill parasites, kill snails, snails, etc. in residential areas, to cut off the biological life cycle of the roundworm A.cantonensis and prevent the risk of causing disease to people.


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