Training in the USA and the dangers to avoid

1. Plane crash. But be sure to follow airline rules to protect yourself, such as: turn off the phone signal, fasten your seat belt, sit in the correct posture before the plane lands, turn off the phone …

2. America is the country with the most advanced education in the world, along with more than 4,000 universities and colleges across the U.S. But not every school is effective. In order to find an effective, truly quality school with accreditation certificate or not, from any agency, besides finding information on websites, we also need to find a study abroad consulting company in the US that may have a reputation, top quality in the field of consulting and the size of the company is quite large, the fact that it collaborates with academies with teaching certificates.

So, be a wise consumer of services, pay money for quality “services” of reputable service providers, don’t be greedy for cheap but wasteful money.

3. Penalty on entry: why are you being fined: There are a lot of international students who come and face some problems that are quite likely to be fined, several thousand US dollars. If it is severe, you will not be allowed to enter. For example, according to US government regulations, when you enter the country, you are not allowed to bring in animal meat, so if you bring in a cotton ball, if you are found, you can be fined up to $2,000.

Since the terrorist attack in Boston, immigration regulations have been tightened up a lot more, so you have to be very careful to avoid any trouble or problems when entering or being refused entry.

4. Lost luggage: Lost luggage is quite common on flights abroad where you have to change planes multiple times. Usually this is the airlines fault, but we will find ourselves in a very unpleasant situation.


This is why all important things like money, passports, other documents needed for entry should never be left in checked-in luggage. You should also leave a few thin change of clothes and personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste and other necessities in your hand luggage to prevent this risk

To avoid loss of luggage, please print our information, destination address, flight number and stick it on the sending suitcase for the transport staff to avoid confusion. This is an extremely good way for them to find our suitcases quickly when we lose them, because there are hundreds of suitcases at the airport that look quite similar, and finding the right suitcase for us will take a long time. . It’s a good idea to tie something recognizable to the suitcase to make it easy to find, possibly a bright, easily identifiable thread.

5. Being harassed, robbed, mugged: Stories of being harassed, robbed and mugged are probably no longer a strange thing for Vietnamese international students anywhere in the world. In American high schools, “bullying” is considered an important problem of the American education system, and there is a wide variety of research in the education industry on the impact of “bullying” on student psychology. HSSV. As for being mugged or assaulted, this often happens to both men and women, especially at night, in deserted places, so it is advisable to limit late night trips and walk alone. At the Academy, in the event of a robbery or mugging, please listen and give a price, do not try to resist because criminals are extremely aggressive, they may shoot at you.

6. Alcoholic beverages. Therefore, you should pay attention to this issue. Some young people, when they come to the United States, because they are used to living at home, they like the foam bars, so when they go there, they often find ways to borrow the ID cards of other people over 21 to go to the bar, it is quite dangerous, unfortunately there has been a fight in the bar. , the police will come and arrest everybody in the precinct, now when you are found to be using fake IDs it will be very unpleasant.

1 in 113 chance in Oklahoma of a motorist hitting an animal, most likely a deer | |

7. Car Accidents : Car accidents in the US are much less than in Vietnam because their people have a very high sense of following traffic rules. However, this does not mean that there are no accidents in the United States. In fact, car accidents in the United States are very likely to kill people because American highways speed up to a maximum of 70 miles per hour, or 120 km/h. In the United States, during the deer’s heavy breeding season, they are often on the highway and many fatal crashes have occurred because of deer and deer. So when driving through deserted forests, be careful to pay attention to signs warning of animals crossing the road.


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