The process of making Bat Trang ceramics is extremely impressive

Pottery is considered as a Vietnamese cultural feature since ancient times and until now it plays a significant role in the life of Vietnamese people, to make a highly aesthetic Bat Trang ceramic product needs to be experienced. through many stages:

Preliminary soil processing: To make a ceramic product is the stage of preparing raw materials, in which we have to prepare 3-4 different types of soil along with some rocks such as quartz, quartzite, and put in. mixer minus 12 – 24 hours, then the soil that is sheltered will be incubated from two weeks to a month.

Hiểu hơn về gốm sứ Bát Tràng trong giá trị tạo nên văn hóa người Việt

Product shaping: After being thoroughly composted, the soil will be diluted and poured into gypsum molds with the shape of the product. After half an hour, the excess glue is removed and the soil is kept close to the inside of the mold, then the artisans will trim it, to create the most beautiful and satisfactory products. They will use rudimentary knives to shape the product, this stage is also called turning, after the product has been turned, the parts of the product will be assembled to create a finished product. How to use glue to fasten. The characteristic of Bat Trang ceramics is probably the delicate handmade decoration, the artisans are very meticulous to make the most beautiful ceramic products.

Put the product into the gas furnaces for heating. Just from 8-12 hours in the kiln, the pots of ceramic products will have to go through temperatures from 1180 degrees Celsius to 1280 degrees Celsius.

After such a meticulous production process of the artisans of Bat Trang pottery village, they have produced extremely sophisticated and beautiful ceramic products. The stages seem simple, but to create the most beautiful and artistic ceramic products, it is necessary to the skillful and talented hands of the ceramic village artisans.

Bat Trang ceramics is the quintessence of Vietnam. Bat Trang ceramic products are hand-made by hand-made ceramic artisans with the quintessence of the best soil combined with the ingenuity of hands to create perfect products. A rare work of art. Today, Bat Trang ceramics are reaching further and further in the market, no longer just a product of a country, but they are gradually becoming an essential, popular item in the world, an important part of the world. representing Vietnamese culture – industrious, strong, indomitable.


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