The Nature of Dreams

The phenomenon of dreams has been studied and deciphered by humans since time immemorial. Currently, the mystery of dreams is still being studied. And of course, dream interpretations vary from time to time.

In ancient Greek and Roman books, it was thought that dreams were messages from the gods to humans. Therefore, people seek to “interpret the dream”, that is, guess the content of the dream to know what has happened, or to anticipate things to come. People with the ability to “read out” dreams are revered by everyone as people with superhuman abilities. Even kings are respected and respected. The sages of many different peoples believe that to dream is to live in a world other than ours.

Sự thật về giấc mơ

At the beginning of the 20th century, a famous Austrian neurologist and psychologist, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) explained dreams as the desire for the impossible and unattainable in life. real life. Meanwhile, Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) said that dreams “tell” us to understand ourselves and our relationships with those around us.

With the advancement of science, it is now possible to capture brain activity while a person is drifting off to sleep according to a dream. Dreaming occurs in conjunction with a phase of eye activity during sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). Today, the secret of dreams is still continuing to be researched and applied by scientists.

Sleep paralysis or nightmare

Sleep paralysis is a nightmare. In essence, it was a dream. For some people, dreams keep repeating the same content over and over, often unpleasant, even terrible, and people call it a “nightmare”. People with weak health, illness or sleeping in the wrong position are often more prone to sleep paralysis than other normal people. To avoid dreams in general and sleep paralysis in particular, it is necessary to have a reasonable mode of living, studying, working and resting. Give yourself a good night’s sleep with a comfortable lying position. Before going to sleep, you should not eat too much or use substances that affect the nervous system such as drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, smoking, not reading horror stories, ghosts. The bedroom needs to be airy, soft and spacious sleeping clothes. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid stress and regularly exercise the body through playing sports or exercising.

People who often suffer from sleep paralysis need to assess whether any of the above factors are involved in order to find a remedy. Doing so will not be affected by the shadow, but on the contrary… “pressing” the ball to have a peaceful and peaceful sleep.

It seems that in life, everyone has experienced… sleep paralysis. When the phenomenon of sleep paralysis occurs, people fall into a state of half-false, half-real. People with sleep paralysis can remember and recount in detail what happened during sleep. For example, see a thief breaking into the house and carrying things out of the house. The owner tries to do something to stop it. The eyes can see clearly, but the mouth is speechless, the limbs are motionless as if hypnotized. Tried screaming, trying to flail around, but all in vain. Then suddenly wake up, sweating profusely… There are times when people with sleep paralysis come out of nightmares thanks to the wake-up of loved ones or sudden loud noises around. Then realized that the night was still… quiet!


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