The Mystery of Dreams and Nightmares

If you want to dream, you must… sleep. Sleep in humans and many animals takes place in different stages. Dreams come in between these stages. It is fleeting or has a lingering aftertaste.

For humans, sleep occurs through 4 stages: From light sleep to deep sleep, deep sleep with slow eye movements and finally deep sleep with fast eye movements.

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The stages of sleep repeat, repeating in cycles throughout the night to morning. As the cycle repeats, stages 1, 2, and 3 happen faster, time of sleep is “preferred” to stage 4. This gives dreams more time to appear. Therefore, a person can experience from 1 to several dreams during the night, up to 7 dreams as determined by studies.

Dream or dream, in essence, this is the illusion and experience of the mind of humans or animals while they are fast asleep.

Events in dreams are often contrary to reality and beyond the control of the dreamer. Except for what experts call “clear dreams” or “clear dreams”. In this case, the dreamer is “aware” that they are… dreaming and can sometimes change the reality of the dream. Dreamers often experience abundant and intense emotions. Especially in writers and artists, creating creative inspiration. Typically as a member of a famous British band The Beatles is Paul McCartney, both a singer and songwriter, after a deep sleep and… a dream, when he wakes up a song called Yesterday was envisioned in his mind and he only had to take a pen and paper to transcribe. Or the story of the English writer Mary Shelley (1797-1851) in a dream that a scientist used a machine to create a new species of creature, woke up she built the character Prankenstein created a terrible monster …

Not everyone and every dreamer remembers what happened in the dream. Sometimes, I know I’m dreaming, but trying to remember the content of the dream, there is no way to remember it. Images, sounds, smells, sensations… all exist in dreams. Thus, in a dream, all human senses are mobilized.


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