The career path of the pseudonym Fujiko.F.Fujio

At the age of high school (1946-1948), he made money for himself by drawing manga at publishing houses in Japan. Around the same time, he and his classmate Motoo Abiko – under the pen name Tenshi Tama-chan, published the work Tenshi Tama-chan.

Next, he worked for a confectionery company. Soon he had to quit his job due to work-related injuries.

He continues to draw manga seeing it as motivation, a joy to overcome it all. In 1953, Fujimoto and Abiko published “The Last World War”. The work is the hard work of the two authors.

Đồng tác giả truyện tranh “Doraemon” qua đời - Báo Người lao động

1954 – The year marks an important milestone in Hiroshi Fujimoto’s life when he comes to Tokyo to develop his career as a manga artist. He has connected with many artists in Tokyo, both earning money and learning new knowledge.

In Tokyo, he experienced and contemplated life full of difficulties and hardships. But with their own efforts and the help of their friend Motoo Abiko, the two people’s common pseudonym Fujiko Fujio has received large orders from publishers.

However, from 1955 to 1956, after returning home to rest for a while, he and his colleague Motoo Abiko lost their jobs. When they returned to work, the two tried very hard to fix it and eventually they gradually gained the trust of publishers. From here, the name of Fujiko Fujio is also known to more people.

In the following years, under the general pseudonym Fujiko Fujio, he received valuable awards. In particular, he and his like-minded friends jointly founded Studio Zero. At one time, Studio Zero had nearly 80 people, they have released many famous cartoons and manga works.

In 1969, Fujimoto began writing Doraemon manga. During this period he also spent time perfecting his manga works. In the early days, Doraemon was a collaboration of Fujimoto and Abiko, but later due to differences in ideals and career paths, only Fujimoto followed to the end.

Composed in 1977, the work is a comic book that was later adapted into an animated film.

The work tells about the character Sakura Mami, a girl who is a 7th grader. Suddenly one day she realizes her super power. Thanks to Takara – Mami’s good friend, she discovered her own ability. She decided to shoulder the responsibility of a superhero, saving people. Many times, Mami’s secrets seem to be revealed, but with Takara’s intelligence, she still keeps the secret and continues to take on the mission.

By describing the characters clearly, the messages are strongly conveyed through each episode of the series. That is the value of good, honesty, optimism in life.


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