Popular British Shorthair cat colors

Bicolor: This bicolor ALN cat is actually a bicolor cat. British cats with a white stripe on the lower body starting at the bridge of the nose and the upper body with a different color band are recognized as bicolor. The most famous currently in the bicolor line is the Tuxedo cat.

Lilac color: The entire body of a pure lilac British Shorthair will be cream gray. Some individuals have a slightly silver color but the black spots are not obvious.

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Hyma color: The British cat’s hyma color is obtained by crossbreeding with Siamese cats. They will have faint black spots on their face, legs and arms… when they are young. At a glance, you will see that the British hyma cat is quite similar to the pure Siamese cat.

White: This type of cat is a cross between a purebred British cat and another white-haired cat.

Blue-gray: To create this coat color, people often mix purebred gray-blue British cats together.

Other colors: In addition to the above featured colors, the British Shorthair cat also has chocolate, golden, dliver, tricolor, pink …. Purebred British Shorthair Cat

Purebred British Shorthair cats will have characteristic yellow eyes

Price list for British Shorthair cats

The price of imported Thai short-haired British cats ranges from 8 to 20 million VND, with imported cats from Europe costing from 50 to 100 million VND. The price of British Shorthair cats bred in the country is currently about 4-7 million 7 VND.

In Vietnam, there are many different types of British short-haired cats and accordingly, the price also has a marked difference. To determine the price of a British short-haired cat, the origin, coat color, appearance, etc. are decisive factors.

Diet for British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair cats are easy to get along with and are not picky eaters, but you still need to keep a few things in mind when caring for British Shorthair cats:

Cat food for British Shorthair cats is very diverse from dishes you cook yourself or to dry foods such as nuts, pre-packaged foods, they all love it. Regardless of the type of food, they also need to be fully supplemented with nutrients such as protein, vitamins, fiber, starch, … Especially: chicken, beef, offal, eggs, cheese, … are all dishes. eat to their delight.

Canned/packaged foods on the market often have a fairly high starch content. Therefore, you should choose foods that are low in fat and starch to prevent your cat from becoming obese.


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