Origin of British Shorthair Cats

The British Shorthair was crossed from an Egyptian cat with other breeds. After the first and second world wars, the breed declined rapidly. To prevent them from becoming extinct, the remaining cats were crossed with Russian Blue cats and Persian cats, since then, the number of British cats has steadily increased again. Until now, the origin of British cats is still unclear, many people believe that they have existed since ancient times, as a result of ancient Egyptian cats and European cats. At that time, British Cats were raised mainly for fur, until 1980 they were officially recognized by the International Cat Breed Association and flourished in many countries around the world.

Characteristics of British Shorthair Cats | LoveToKnow

The origin of British cats is still unclear The reason you should buy a British Shorthair cat to adopt British Shorthair cats are very gentle, funny and close to people. Playing with them can help with stress and stress effectively. This breed is very intelligent and easy to train. Features of British Shorthair Cats Appearence British cats have an ideal weight, from 4 to 8.5kg, with a large tail. Round face, chubby cheeks, pretty and petite short nose. British cat ears come in many different shapes depending on the face. The purebred British cat’s eyes have a characteristic golden copper color that hybrid cats cannot have. The coat is short, thick, smooth like velvet but rarely sheds and has a variety of colors. The most common coat color for British cats is classic navy blue, but bluish gray is the coat color of purebred cats. Personality The British Shorthair has a rather easygoing personality. They can play on their own, do not like noise or noisy places but just want to be quiet. The outstanding feature of this British cat breed is very attractive, emotional, likes to be petted and cuddled. In addition, there is only one bad habit in their personality that is lazy, sedentary, just want to lie down. Here is a summary of the popular personality traits in British Shorthair cats Very attached to the owner and loves to play with children. Likes to play, doesn’t like noise. Doesn’t like being carried off the ground. Kind, fun with other animals. Aggressive when sensing danger. Be wary of strangers.


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