Find People To Hypnize

Find someone who wants to be hypnotized. It is very difficult to hypnotize someone who does not want or believe in hypnosis, especially when you are the one who is practicing. You should find a partner who is willing and wants to be hypnotized, who must be patient and want to feel a state of relaxation Do not hypnotize people with a history of mental illness or neurological disease, as this may lead to dangerous unintended consequences.[3] Choose a quiet, comfortable room. To make your partner feel safe and avoid distractions, you need to prepare a clean room, so that the lights are soft. Have them sit in a comfortable chair and remove all distractions, like the TV or other extraneous people.

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Turn off cell phones and music. Close windows if there is outside noise. Let other people living in the house know they shouldn’t be disturbed until the two of you are out of the room. Let your partner know what hypnosis can do. Many people have very wrong ideas about hypnosis, which originate from movies and TV shows. In fact, it’s just a relaxation technique that helps people become more aware of their subconscious problems or problems. In everyday life, we often fall into hypnosis, like when immersed in music or movies, or when “dreaming”.

With true hypnosis: You are not in a state of sleep or unconsciousness. You are not enchanted or controlled by anyone. You won’t do anything you don’t want to do. Ask about their goals when hypnotized. Hypnosis has been shown to reduce anxious thoughts, and even boost the immune system.[6] This is a great tool to increase focus, especially before a test or big event, or you can use it to go into a state of deep relaxation when stressed. Knowing what your partner wants when you’re hypnotized will help you put them in a more meditative state. Ask your partner if they’ve been hypnotized and how it feels. If so, find out what they were asked to do and their reaction to it. This exploration helps you predict how your partner will react to what you are about to ask them to do, and figure out what you should avoid. People who have been hypnotized in the past are more likely to be hypnotized.


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