Dried food Field food

Dried food is the main food, accompanies Vietnamese soldiers throughout the journey to protect the country.

Our country has experienced hundreds of years of war. Vietnam’s history is associated with the image of soldiers and soldiers entering the battlefield, fighting for the Fatherland. During those arduous years, it was a blessing to keep alive, and eating and drinking was also extremely difficult.

Lương khô được ví như “viên gạch” nhưng là thức quà tuổi thơ của bao người,  từ xưa đến giờ vẫn gây thương nhớ

Dried food was an essential food during the war in Vietnam. When marching, soldiers could not carry much belongings because it was very difficult to move and fight. Therefore, compact pieces of dry food were born to minimize the weight of items carried. Moreover, dry food is a food that is easy to preserve for many days.

During the Vietnam War, soldiers of the People’s Army of Vietnam, when marching, were often distributed with dry food cakes (accompanied by a package of cooked and dried vegetables, a packet of meat or fish paste), some synthetic protein tablets, some ginger candies…) are packed in a thick plastic bag, very convenient.

Moreover, do not think that dry food made from flour and sugar only works to fill you up and hold your breath. It is also very nutritious to give strength to the soldier!

Ingredients of dry food

The main ingredients of dry food include flour and sugar. Depending on the period and type of dry food, other additives will be added such as green beans, vegetable oil, milk powder, eggs, etc. In 100g of dry food, it can provide more than 240 kcal, almost equal to 2 bowls of rice. Besides, bitter melon is also high in sugar and carbohydrates.

In the military, Company 22 under the General Department of Logistics of the Vietnam People’s Army has cooperated with the Institute of Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology to successfully research and produce energy-boosting dry food products. brand of press cake SH22 to supply soldiers on the battlefield.

Dry food increases the strength of the press cake SH22 has the effect of activating the enzyme LDH to release lactic acid, improving the ability to quickly recover physical strength for soldiers. This pressed cake has a quick and obvious recovery effect on the criteria of red blood cells, hemoglobin, testosterone, increases the ability to absorb oxygen, increases nutrients (Fe, Zn, Cu…) for users. . SH22 has the effect of improving psychological indicators, neural reflex activity, and handling situations well.

Dried food – field food bearing the image of Vietnamese soldiers

Researchers believe that SH22 energy-boosting dry food needs to be produced and deployed widely to serve the public health care and protection program because of its low cost and safe use. not only for the army, but also have positive effects on other hard workers such as athletes, miners, long-term seafarers, etc.

Just using 2 bars/pack (100g/bar) is enough for a soldier under normal conditions to have enough calories and nutrients to maintain activity.


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