Cane Corso Personality Traits

They are very loyal, always interested and quietly patrol around the house. Cane Corso is very intelligent and highly trainable. Active and even a bit stubborn, it is a guard and watch dog. Cane Corso Italiano is very fond of children in the owner’s family. Obey and love your master. They have a protective yet gentle instinct.

The Cane Corso has a very consistent character. This makes it a watchdog and guard dog. It will patrol around the property. They always follow their owners. If necessary, Cane Corso will become a brave and fearsome bodyguard to protect his owner, his mansion and his property.

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The Cane Corso is not a fighting dog. They are dogs born to work for hundreds of years. So they won’t wander off to fight, but on the other hand they won’t leave if other dogs try to pick a fight with them.

It needs to be socialized as a puppy. It is advised that these dogs need to be trained to obey orders fully. If a Cane Corso is fully trained, with a consistent, confident and strong owner, set rules the dog must follow and set limits on what the dog is allowed and not allowed to do. allowed to do, accompanied by daily physical and mental movement, it will become a companion. It is very effective if it is properly taught and treated.

Suspicious of strangers, but with the owner’s family. A good Cane Corso will be gentle with strangers in the presence of its owner. When raised properly, this dog will be submissive to all members of the family. Corso’s ears were originally amputated to prevent it from bleeding when fighting wolves to protect the herd. Their ears are more sensitive than other parts of the body. In general, they are basically painless, so many Cane Corso owners are often disappointed to find that the invisible electric fence system does not discourage their dogs.

How to take care

The short, low-shedding coat doesn’t require much care, just occasional brushing to remove dead hair and bathing them as needed.

They often live more comfortably when outdoors with ample space to exercise, these pets are often uncomfortable in apartments. This species is also very active and they need to be exercised regularly and at a high level.

This is a healthy dog ​​breed, with a lifespan of 10-11 years. They are often less susceptible to dangerous diseases. Sometimes they are prone to diseases related to bones and joints due to their large and strong body.


For those who are just starting to raise Italian clams, nutrition always needs to be properly cared for. Usually the nutrition of nyaf breeds depends on their adult size. In order to keep a standard and muscular body for my Ao Ying, it is required that the owner needs to focus on providing adequate nutrition with a suitable diet.

Because this breed has many health advantages, their diet is also quite different from other breeds. Their common diet must be full of protein, protein and necessary minerals. With the Italian Mastiff breed, owners do not need to worry about them being overweight because they are very active and love exercise. motion.

For Italian clams from 5-10 months old: the diet includes meat, eggs and other dry foods. Feed them 2 meals a day and do not give them too much food in each meal. In particular, it is necessary to limit feeding dogs with too large bones to avoid unfortunate situations that may occur.


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